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  • What is is a peer-to-peer college guidance platform that connects high school students with current college students at their dream schools. These college student mentors provide personalized one-on-one sessions to guide high schoolers through the college application process.
  • Who benefits from using benefits both high school students and college students. High school students gain valuable insights and personalized guidance from experienced college students who have recently gone through the application process themselves. College student mentors gain valuable experience and leadership skills by helping others.
  • What are the benefits of using a peer mentor over a traditional college advisor?
    Peer mentors offer a unique perspective. They can share recent experiences with the application process at specific universities and provide relatable advice on campus life, culture, and academics.
  • How does work?
    High school students can browse profiles of college mentors, select a mentor from their desired university, and book one-on-one sessions. The mentors share their firsthand experiences and insights to help with essays, interviews, campus life, and more.
  • What makes different from other college guidance platforms? offers direct access to current college students, providing firsthand insights, experiences, and advice specific to each university. Our platform fosters personalized mentorship, enabling high school students to navigate the college application process with confidence.
  • How much does it cost to use operates on a pay-per-session model. You can purchase mentoring sessions in packages at different price points depending on the number of hours you need.
  • How do the video sessions work?
    Sessions take place over a secure video conferencing platform. You'll have options to screen-share documents for real-time feedback.
  • How can I find a mentor for my dream school? allows you to search for mentors based on your desired university, major, and other relevant criteria. You can then browse mentor profiles and book sessions that fit your schedule and needs.
  • What topics can I discuss with my mentor?
    You can discuss a wide range of topics with your mentor, including: Crafting a strong college application essay Filling out Common Application Choosing extracurricular activities to highlight Selecting the right colleges to apply to Understanding financial aid and scholarships Adapting to college life and academics The list goes on.....
  • What happens if I don't click with my first mentor?
    The great thing about is that you can browse other mentors and book sessions with multiple mentors. We are sure you find someone who you feel comfortable with and who aligns well with your goals.
  • Do the mentors guarantee admission to my dream school?
    No. Mentors provide guidance and support, but admissions decisions depend on various factors.
  • Can I have multiple mentors on
    Absolutely! This can be a great way to gain diverse perspectives and insights from mentors with different experiences and backgrounds. also allows you to set up a meeting with multiple mentors from same university. You can also have occasional sessions with others to focus on specific areas of your application.
  • How do I choose the right mentor for me?
    Browse through mentor profiles to find students attending your dream universities. Consider their majors, extracurricular activities, and personal interests to ensure compatibility.
  • What topics can I discuss with my mentor?
    You can discuss various aspects of the college application process, including selecting universities, crafting compelling essays, preparing for interviews, understanding financial aid options, and adjusting to college life.
  • How can help my child with the college application process? provides your child with personalized guidance and support from experienced college student mentors. This can help reduce stress, improve their application package, and increase their chances of admission to their dream schools.
  • Is a replacement for my involvement in my child's college applications?
    No. is a valuable resource, but it doesn't replace your involvement. You can still work with your child to develop a college list, discuss financial aid options, and provide overall support throughout the process.
  • How can I monitor my child's progress on may offer features that allow you to view your child's booked sessions and the topics they plan to discuss with their mentor. You can also discuss their progress with them directly.
  • How do I know the mentors are qualified? has a rigorous selection process for mentors, including reviewing their academic background, relevant experience, and communication skills. They may also require mentors to complete training on the college application process and best practices for student mentoring.
  • Can I be involved in my child's sessions on
    While sessions are primarily one-on-one between the student and mentor, parents can have access to session summaries and communicate with mentors if necessary, ensuring transparency and involvement in their child's college preparation journey.
  • As a parent, how can I best support my child through this process?
    Encourage your child to take ownership of their applications, but be available to proofread materials. Promote open discussions about their interests, priorities, and fit at different schools. Manage expectations around admissions outcomes.
  • What role can a mentor play that I cannot provide as a parent?
    Mentors offer unbiased, student-level viewpoints that parents may not have. They can relate to the stresses of applying and speak candidly about the realities of college life in ways students may not share with parents.
  • How can complement the services offered by our school counselor's office? provides high school students with access to mentors who have in-depth knowledge of specific universities and programs. This can be a valuable supplement to the broader college guidance you offer, allowing students to gain targeted insights.
  • Can I recommend to my students?
    Absolutely! is a great resource for students seeking additional guidance and support throughout the college application process.
  • Can I partner with to offer their services to my students? is always interested in collaborating with high school counselors to provide their services to students. You can contact us at to inquire about potential partnership programs or referral programs that could benefit your students.
  • Can our school collaborate with
    Absolutely! We welcome collaboration with high schools to provide their students with access to our platform. Contact us at to explore partnership opportunities, including workshops, informational sessions, and customized support for your students.
  • How can we ensure the effectiveness of for our students?
    Encourage students to utilize as a supplement to existing college counseling services. Emphasize the importance of actively engaging with mentors, asking questions, and utilizing the guidance provided to maximize the benefits of the platform. Additionally, we offer resources for counselors to support their integration of into their counseling programs.
  • What are the requirements to become a mentor on
    Mentors must be current students in good academic standing at a four-year university. They undergo an application process reviewing qualifications, communication skills, and references.
  • What benefits do mentors receive from
    In addition to paid mentoring opportunities, mentors gain leadership, communication, and coaching skills. They can build their personal brands and networks by connecting with engaged students.
  • What support and resources are available to mentors on
    Mentors on receive training and ongoing support to effectively guide high school students through the college application process. Additionally, mentors have access to a community of fellow mentors for collaboration, resources, and professional development opportunities.

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